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Past Ballparks

Below is a list of the past ballparks which we have photographed or have obtained photographs. Often we have several views of each stadium. If they are real "oldies" we may only have one or two. Many of the current ballparks which we have all known or visited have become "past". Please contact us for information about these ballparks.

We can make 3-photo montages of the stadiums with an assortment of views. We also make various sizes of photos of specific views. Usually we double mat each photo with the college team colors. Please contact us for specific questions about sizes and information about these if you have not seen our work at an art show.

As always, you can always purchase unframed copies of the photographs.

  • Anaheim Stadium
  • Arlington Stadium
  • The Astrodome
  • Baltimore Memorial Stadium
  • Busch Stadium
  • Cinergy (Riverfront) Field
  • 3Com Park (Candlestick Park)
  • Cleveland Municipal Stadium
  • Old Comiskey Park
  • Crosley Field
  • Ebbets Field
  • Forbes Field
  • Fulton County Stadium
  • Griffith Stadium
  • The Kingdome
  • League Park
  • Los Angeles Coliseum
  • Mile High Stadium
  • Milwaukee County Stadium
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Polo Grounds
  • Qualcomm (Jack Murphey) Stadium
  • RFK Stadium - Nationals
  • Shea Stadium - photos of Shea and new CitiField side by side
  • Shibe Park (Connie Mack Stadium)
  • Sportsman Park
  • Three Rivers Stadium
  • Tiger Stadium
  • Veterans Stadium
  • Yankee Stadium - photos of old and new side by side


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